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Moving Sale

First, the good news. April is International Art Glass Month, so we’ll have some VERY good deals to help you celebrate. See the SPRING SALE details on page 3.  We’ll also be having ongoing UNADVERTISED SPECIALS in the store. 

Now, for the not-so-good news: For a variety of reasons, we must suspend our retail operations from June 1, 2005 until we can find a new location and get re-established.  We’ve been looking for another spot for almost a year now, but cannot find a suitable location in the area at a cost that would allow us to keep our prices reasonable.  We wanted to stay as close as possible to our present location, but we have now begun to look further away. 

We have been short of space for retail product displays and back room storage for a long time.  The 40 foot container in the back gave us some temporary relief, but we recently learned our zoning does not allow any outside storage, so it must be removed.  Removing the container eliminates stock storage space and the “garage” for the fork lift which allows us to handle the 500-800 pound crates of glass.  Our rent and utilities continue to increase.  The basement floods several times a year which prevents using it as retail space or storing any more stock down there.  The landlord has no desire to expand the building, probably because it would involve the city approval process, require lots of time & money and include bringing everything up to code.   Therefore, we started looking for another location. 

We will keep the Always Stained Glass name, web site and mailing list so we can keep everyone informed of our progress.  For now, this will be the last Newsletter until we have news to report. 

To help you  “stock up” to  keep working while we’re closed and to help us minimize the stuff we need to move and store, we have some GREAT DEALS starting with the Spring Sale on page 3 and continuing with our MOVING SALE in May.







                    Always Stained Glass

Spring Sale & Moving Sale

                      Discount Summary

 (may not be combined with other discounts - while supplies last)

                      ---------- Percentage Discount ----------
                                      Saws, Grinders,    Everything
        Dates    All Glass    Kilns & Irons            Else      

April   5-30       25%             15%                  15%      

May    3-15       35%             20%                  25%      

May  17-31       50%             25%                  40%      

Thanks for all your support,     Theresa and Gary Ruby


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