Always Stained Glass

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ٱ Always Gift Certificate

Stands, Tables, Holders, etc.

Glass Cutters

Power Tools

ٱ Elegant Table - Slider Arms
     adjust from 14” to 18”
ٱ Toyo “Tap Wheel” Custom
ٱ Fletcher Pistol Grip

ٱ NEW Gryphon Wire Saw

ٱ Sunburst Stand-34” tall,
     to display 8” Round panel

ٱ Toyo Pistol Grip

ٱ Taurus II.2 Ring Saw

ٱ Inland Pistol Grip

ٱ Speedster Band Saw

ٱ Tabletop Stand 26" tall,
     for 8” Round Panel

ٱ Toyo Thompson Grip

ٱ Inland DB100 Band Saw

ٱ Fletcher Plastic Pencil Grip

ٱ Wizard IV Grinder

ٱ Garden Stake 43" tall,
     for 12” Round Panel

ٱ Fletcher Brass Pencil Grip

ٱ Gryphon Studio Grinder

ٱ Toyo Pencil Grip

ٱ Wizling Grinder

ٱ Fireplace Panel Holder
  27" tall x 34" wide

ٱ Inland Pencil Grip

ٱ Power Miter Came Saw

ٱ Inland Heavy Duty Pencil

ٱ Inland Glass Engraver

ٱ Panel Holder  8" x 10" Square

ٱ Inland Brass Pencil Grip

Kilns ٱ Panel Holder  8" Round

Soldering Irons & Related

ٱ Panel Holder  10" Round

ٱ Rapid-fire 110V tabletop

ٱ Panel Holder  12" Round

ٱ Weller 100 w/auto temp. ctrl

ٱ Evenheat 110V w/flr stand

ٱ Three Leg Table for 14” Round

ٱ Inland Deluxe 100

ٱ NEW Hot Start 110V w/ctrl
ٱ Evenheat 220V w/controller

ٱ Hex Adapter 16" for above

ٱ Mini-Phaser ctrl for above

Special Tools

ٱ Four Leg Table for 16” Square ٱ Mika Deluxe Iron Stand
ٱ Floor Easel for any stone

Stocking Stuffers

ٱ Portable Stained Glass Shop

Hand Tools

ٱ Cutters Mate 16”

ٱ Grinder Bit(s)      (circle)
Ό”   /   Ύ”   /   1”
Std   /   Fine   /  Speed

ٱ Inland Circle & Strip Cutter

ٱ Silberschnitt Circle Cutter

ٱ Inland 8” Metal Runner

ٱ Fletcher CircleMate

ٱ Dragon 6 ½” Metal Runner

ٱ Toyo Cutter Head

ٱ Fletcher Oval/Circle Cutter

ٱ Glas-Snappers

ٱ Inland Cutter Head

ٱ DTI Easy-Cut Lens Cutter

ٱ Fan Out Pro Breaker/Grozer

ٱ Fletcher Cutter Head

ٱ NEW Table Foiler

ٱ Ringstar Pliers

ٱ Tip for Weller 100 Iron

ٱ Diegel Foiling Machine

ٱ Morton Safety-Break System

ٱ Tip for Inland 100 Deluxe

ٱ Glastar Foiling Machine

ٱ Excel Hobby Knife

ٱ Foil Burnishers (Fids)

ٱ Inland Foiling Machine

ٱ Razor Saw

ٱ Foil Dispenser/Caddy

ٱ Seerite LightBox 11”x14 Ύ”

ٱ Morton Came Miter Vise

ٱ Glass Caddy

ٱ Stanton Lead Stretcher

ٱ Maple Miter-Vise

ٱ Cork Backed 18” Ruler

ٱ Mercedes Bends Came Bender

ٱ Hand Foilers

ٱ Cork Backed 36” Ruler

ٱ Handy Bottle & Jar Cutter

ٱ Lead Vise

ٱ 13” L-Square

ٱ Inland Glass Station

ٱ Lead Knife

ٱ 19” L-Square

ٱ Inland Solder Station

ٱ Lead Nippers

ٱ UV Light Source ٱ Fan Out Pro Lead Nippers

Other (Books/Supplies/Etc.)

For Mosaics

ٱ Foil Pattern Shears - Regular

ٱ Foil Pattern Shears - EasyCut

ٱ _________________________

ٱ Mosaic Pattern Shears

ٱ Foil Pattern Shears – Fan Out

ٱ _________________________

ٱ Leponitt Mosaic Nippers

ٱ Lead Pattern Shears – Regular

ٱ _________________________

ٱ Zag-Zag Mosaic Nippers

ٱ Lead Pattern Shears - EasyCut

ٱ _________________________

ٱ ______________Mosaic Mold

ٱ Lead Pattern Shears – Fan Out

ٱ Always Gift Certificate


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